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The Raveena patio pack is an Indian sandstone that has a mix of purplish colours, set against a grey and buff background. Popular amongst those who really want a really striking and colourful look, Raveena is very much like Modak and Rippon in that it celebrates the natural variations in quarried Indian sandstone.


This sandstone is further beautified with wavy and swirly patterns in shades of purple, red and pink. Properties like hardness, durability, and ability to resist harsh weather conditions make it suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications. Ideal for flooring, paving and wall cladding, this sandstone is known for its highly variable colour pattern.

Raveena Sandstone Paving

1 Square meter
Excluding VAT
  • Free delivery to UK mainland

    £10 discount available for delivery within Suffolk - please contact us directly to arrange

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